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Live at Worthy Farm

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Glastonbury Festival held a five hour journey across their world famous site. I worked alongside Block9 to deliver the ‘after-hours’ finale for the show, intended to capture the spirit of the festival’s ‘South East corner’; synonymous with dance music and late night debauchery. Inspired by M25 parties and free party culture, the finale featured performances from Honey Dijon and Roisin Murphy set within a woodland clearing. My role within the project spanned the design and art direction of the set, as well as managing the build crew on site.
Director: Paul Dugdale DoP: Brett Turnbull, James Rhodes Executive Producers: Emily Eavis, Nick Dewey, Paul Dugdale, Ric Salmon Producer: Amy James Set Design: Block9 Lighting Director: Tim Routledge Musical Direction: WFB Live Production: Driift, Glastonbury Festival All images: ©David Levene and ©Anna Barclay