Block9 x Waltham Forest Council

Forest Uprising

As the finale event for Waltham Forest, London Borough of Culture 2019, Forest Uprising was an illuminated urban sculpture garden and outdoor performance space. Visitors wandered amongst artworks listening to music and poetry from across the borough with live immersive theatre and one-off installations, with a twist at every turn from protesting forest creatures to special-guest performances.

I was tasked with creating the brand identity for the festival as well as three of the installations. The first installation, Out of Time, was a shipping container filled with video projection. The second, the Glasshouse, was an immersive laboratory in which ideas were sown and propogated. The third, Import/Export, was the main performance stage at Forest Uprising modelled on a loading bay complete with a 40ft articulated lorry.

Created in collaboration with Block9. Photography by Andrew Baker, Matt Alexander and Matt Smith.