Dua Lipa

Studio2054 Livestream

Produced during the UK’s second national lockdown in November 2021, Studio 2054 was an irreverent journey through 70s television studios, 80s rollers rinks, 90s raves and contemporary club culture. Toying with the concepts of misremembering and nostalgia for a past not experienced, we designed a set that represented a disjointed past, stitched together using historical YouTube clips.

I was involved from the nascency of the project with Block9, working across a range of roles including graphic design, set design, art direction, production and build management. I worked closely with our client, Ceremony London, to expand on their initial concepts and deliver the show to a global audience of five million people; making it the most successful paid online performance of all time.

Creative Direction: Ceremony London
Director: Liz Clare
DoP: Nat Hill
Producer: Kate Sinden
Set Design: Block9
Lighting Design: Pixelmappers
Musical Direction: WFB Live
Choreography: Charm La’Donna, Alex Clark
Styling: Lorenzo Posocco